Bannerman Park

Located in the heart of St. John's, Bannerman Park officially opened in 1891, but it had been used as a park since the 1860s. It has been home to a botanical garden and a skating rink, and today, there is a baseball field and a swimming pool in the park. .This is what Bannerman Park looked like in 2005 when Dragon Seer's Gift is set. The statue in this picture has been move and the park is undergoing dramatic changes now.

Bannerman Park as it looked in 2005

In the south east corner of the park, sits the Colonial Building. This was the place where government met when Newfoundland was a self governing colony. The province has a nice Colonial Building page where you can see a picture of the front of the building. This is where I located the Mews Annex Archive. The Provincial Archives were in the Colonial Building until The Rooms opened. In real life, there is no Mews Annex, but  here's the door that Gwyn and Maddie would have walked through to enter it if there were. It's on the side of the building.

Side of the Colonial Building in St. John's Newfoundland
You can see that the windows really are big enough to be doors.

Our next stop is the place where Gwyn and Maddie found their dragon, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, which is usually called The Kirk.

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