Georgetown or Georgestown? My Neighbourhood

the Mummers' Parade, near my house

This is a photograph of the annual Mummers' Parade, taken near my house. The houses in this picture are typical of this St. John's neighbourhood, which is called Georgetown or Georgestown. It's one of the older neighbourhoods in St. John's. If you climb uphill from the harbour, you'll find my neighbourhood where the land levels off. In 1892, much of the city burned to the ground in the Great Fire, but Georgestown was spared. Lucky for us, because our house was built in 1885.

You can find more photos of the neighourhood on this Georgestown Flickr page.

This is a very lively place to live with an active neighbourhood association that organizes an annual flea market and clean ups. There are schools and parks nearby, and The Rooms, the provincial archives, musuem and art gallery complex very close.

I imagined Gwyn and Maddie living on a street that has one block of slightly nicer houses. Here's a picture of that block, also taken during an annual Mummers' Parade. You can see that the houses are detached and set back from the street, which is not typical of the neighbourhood.

The street where I imagined Gwyn and Maddie lived.

The next stop on the tour is The Rooms, just around the corner.

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