Quidi Vidi Lake and Trail

Quidi Vidi Lake at mouth of Virginia River

This photo shows the location of the first scene in Dragon Seer's Gift, when Gwyn meets Tyler Cull on the shore of Quidi Vidi Lake. (It's pronounced "Kitty Vidi.") This small lake is very close to the heart of St. John's. It's encircled by a very popular hiking trail which you can see on this Quidi Vidi Lake Trail Map. I walk around this lake often.

Over the years, many important events have taken place on the shores of this lake. After the Great Fire of 1892, people who had been left homeless camped in tents there. Not long after, troops preparing to go overseas to fight during World War I trained in a camp on the same shore.  The ocean is just beyond the hill near the centre of the photo, and many birds shelter on "the pond" (as everyone calls it) in winter. Rare birds that were blown off course show up often, and birders travel from all over to visit Quidi Vidi, especailly in winter.

In summer, the annual St. John's Regatta is held on the pond, and, for one day, the shores are turned into something like a fair grounds. Collections Canada has a great digital collection of photos in their Royal St. John's Regatta website. Click on the bars at the left hand side to find out about the rowing events, customs and concession stands over the years. There's also a games section with a word search and a greasy pig game.

Rennie's River Trail in Winter

The Rennie's River is the largest steam that feeds into Quidi Vidi Lake, and a trail along the river is part of the Grand Concourse trail network. In winter, the trails can be heavy going. Below is a picture of the same trail, a little closer to Quidi Vidi in summertime.

Rennie's River trail in summer

Here's a map of the Quidi Vidi Trail. The part that Gwyn took, which is shown in these photos, is the first part going out from Quidi Vidi Lake until it bends away from downtown.

And that's the end of our Dragon Seer's Gift tour of St. John's.