The Kirk

The Kirk, St. John's Newfoundland

This is St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, mostly called "The Kirk," which means "the church" in Scots. This is the second church to bear both names in St. John's. The first one, which was on Duckworth Street very close to the Anglican Cathedral, was destroyed in the terrible fire of 1892. The current church was started in 1894 and finished in 1896. If you want to know more, you can visit Newfoundland and Labrador's Registered Historical Structures St. Andrew's Church Page.

The Kirk and The Rooms, St. John's

Dragon Seer's Gift is set in 2005, and the church has already changed since that time. The wooden steps that Maddie and Gwyn climbed when they were looking for the Rae dragon are no longer there, and neither is the second storey passageway that once led from Harvey Road into the church.

The Rooms is just across Harvey Road at the back of the church, but the land rises so steeply in this part of St. John's that the museum, archive and art gallery building rises high above. In the photo below, you can see how the Rooms appears from the side on the church. In real life, the rise looks more impressive.

From the Kirk, we take a slightly awkward jump to the Quidi Vidi Trail and Lake, which is actually about a twenty minute walk,  on the other side of Bannerman Park.

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