How People Park at Hayward and Maxse

September Update

Even More Bad Parking

The corner of Maxse and Hayward is directly in front of 73 Hayward Ave. A request has been made to waive zoning requirements so that this site may be turned into a deli. The area is zoned residential. I've been taking pictures of crazy parking for weeks now. I was also talking to people to find out what why they park like this, but I've had to stop because there's so much acrimony in the neighbourhood now. In my conversations with drivers, I was unfailingly polite and even tempered. Everyone told me the same things: they know this is bad parking, but it doesn't matter because they are only there for a few minutes.    

I am now certain that the best parking lot in the city would not prevent the people in these photos from parking as they do. If they had to walk more than a few feet, they would ignore the parking lot.  
        I took the pictures on this page between 8:30 am and 10:30 am on the morning of Saturday, August 29. I am trying to create a realistic picture of the traffic on this corner on a typical summer Saturday. In winter, the situation is much worse. My husband and our neighbour have both suffered hit and run damage to their cars in recent winters. In following weeks, I took more pictures which are added in the pages above.

No Parking Signs

No Parking Signs are ignored. I could take pictures of people illegally parked on Hayward Ave. all day, every day.  People will not pay attention to no parking signs when they know they are only stopping for five or ten minutes. Note the No Parking sign in the middle of each photo, referring to the space where each car is parked. As you will see, people don't always park facing the right direction.

It has been suggested that permit parking might help to solve some of the parking problems. Obviously, people who ignore no parking signs will not be discouraged by permit parking only signs. 

no parking 2no parking 1

no parking 3no Parking 4

No Parking 5No parking 6

No pqrking 7No parking 8
no Parking 9noparking12

Here's a picture of three cars parked in the no parking zone. On busy days, (Friday, Saturday and Tuesday) this happens frequently.
three cars in no parking zone

When the legal parking spaces beside the bakery are full, people frequently park in front of the spaces, jutting out into Hayward Ave. When this is combined with the parking shown below, the intersection becomes treacherous. For examples of such congestion, click on the links at the top of this page.
parking on Maxse Street

Really Crazy Parking 

Parking in a no-parking zone is one thing. Really crazy parking is another. This type of parking is not limited to Saturday mornings. It wasn't hard to get these photos in a two hour period, chosen at random during a busy time at the bakery.  I took two pictures of each car to demonstrate that they were parked. People who come to this corner to buy food seem to think this is a perfectly acceptable way to park. 



The woman in this last car took exception to the fact that I was taking her picture and moved her car. If I had not taken her picture, she would not have moved.
bigcar1big car 2

More Illegal Parking
Finally, there is no parking on this side of Hayward Ave. directly opposite number 73. More cars were parked in this area than I was able to photograph. The final car in these pictures was idling. If a deili were to open across from this space, more people would park here. 

side 1side 2
side 3side 4