Cover Story 


How Different Can Covers 

of the Same Book Be?

The Secret Under My Skin has been published in a number of different countries and languages. Each time, the book is given a new cover. Each publisher has a designer who imagines a style he or she thinks suits the book. The cover idea is given to an illustrator, an artist who creates the artwork. The designer also picks a font for the lettering on the cover, and decides how the cover information will be formatted. The illustrators may add additional graphics. You'll notice that three of these covers have worked representations of microchips into the design.
I'm always amazed at how differently the same book can be made to look. Here are the covers:

Secret Under My Skin, original coverSecret Under My Skin, Dutch CoverSecret Under My Skin, Quebec edition
Secret Under My Skin, Danish CoverSecret Under My Skin, Danish Back CoverSecret Under My Skin, current cover

Do these all look like the same book to you? Do you think some would appeal more to older readers or younger readers?

Which covers seem most appropriate for The Secret Under My Skin?

Which cover do you like best? Which do you like least?

If you were asked to design a cover for The Secret Under My Skin, what picture would you put on it? Would you try to represent a scene from the story, or a character, or would you just want to create a feeling for the book? What sort of font would you use? What kind of information would you include?

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