Brave Jack Photo Gallery

When artist Susan Tooke visited Newfoundland, I went with her for part of the trip, taking photos of some of the places and things featured in the book. Here are some of my pictures.

stream in New Chelsea, Newfoundland
This is a stream that runs through New Chelsea, Trinity Bay, where our cottage is located. This stream, called the Gully, served as the model for the stream in Brave Jack. You can see it on the page where Jack dreams about the Queen of the Ants, and is given a little tin whistle.

Susan Tooke and apple tree
This is the artist, Susan Tooke, taking a photo of an apple tree in New Chelsea. This apple tree served as the model for the magical apple tree Jack pulls the ax from in Brave Jack and the Unicorn. In that illustration, Susan placed the tree in nearby Grates Cove, which is unusual because of the many stone fences in the community. It's also a wonderful place for whale watching.

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