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High Isle


cliffs of Hoy, Orkney
This view of the cliffs of Hoy was taken from the ferry approaching Mainland near the town of Stromness at the north west end of the island. Unlike most of Orkney, Hoy has high, rocky hills that climb to over 450 metres. In Dragon Seer, the dragons seek shelter in the hills of Hoy, but the south and eastern parts of the island are more gentle, and that's where people live. Garit was born on Hoy.

Because the hills are so much higher than the rest of Orkney, Hoy has an interesting way of popping up in unexpected places. Here is a view of Hoy as seen from the Standing Stones of Stenness.
Isle of Hoy as seen from Standing Stones of Stenness, Orkney

The World Heritage site of Skara Brae is across the isle of Mainland, but the hills of Hoy appear to tower just over the horizon.

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