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If you need information about me for an assignment, try looking at my Biographical Fact Sheet

As always in the summer, I can be away from e-mail for days at a time so I may take some time to reply.  Sometimes a message sent to me will bounce, especially if the weather here is bad. If that happens, try again.

To e-mail me, put my first name and @ in front of I've written my address this way to
prevent spammers from automatically collecting it from this page.

Please use a header that lets me know your message isn't spam. The title of the book you are interested in works well. "Hi" and "Hello" are often used by spammers.

Please don't post my e-mail address on social network websites like Facebook or Tagged. I'm happy to reply to e-mails sent to me through my website, but I can't take too much time away from my writing. I also won't respond to invitations to join social network websites. My daughter says she'll die of embarrassment if I show up on one she's using. 

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