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There's a huge amount of information on the internet about the Middle Ages, quite a lot about the Normans in England, and hardly anything at all about the Normans in Scotland and 12th century Scotland in general. Here's a list of useful links.

The Middle Ages

Some metapages about the Middle Ages:

WWW Medieval Resources   contains links and links to medieval discussion lists, links to archives and libraries and other data bases. 

The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies provides information by topic. Sponsored by Georgetown University.

The Normans

The BBC has quite a lot about the Normans on its web site. You can start with their Normans web page. The BBC web site is well worth exploring, with lots of short essays and links to related web sites. Poke around.

The European Union has a nice web site, The Normans, a European People , with pages on history, 10th to 12th century culture and civilization, archaeological and artistic heritage and architectural heritage.

To find out more, you can visit the Battle of Hastings web site, which contains a wealth of information about the Norman Conquest, and some good general essays about the Normans.

For the human side of the Norman Conquest, BBC Radio has a very good site for a program aired about how the Normans dealt with North East England in their "Voices of the Powerless" program about the Harrying of the North. For the larger picture, BBC Radio 4 aired a three part series, The Norman Way which you can hear by visiting this link.


The BBC website is currently revamping their history timeline. I'll update the link when it's available.

The Queen's web site contains information about all past monarchs, including this page about The Descendants of Malcolm III. There is also a page about The Normans.

The National Library of Scotland has a good Timeline, with information about Medieval history.  The site also has links and other useful information.

One of the best resources for information about Scotland in this time period is the metapage Medieval Scotland 

Other Topics

For more information and links to other resources about medicine, food, entertainment (and the ballads), castles, the Normans, religion and clothing in 12th century Scotland go to my Earthly Knight main page.

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