The McCallum House

"As Ev ate, she studied the diningroom. Sunlight poured in through lace curtains. Crystals in the chandelier caught the sun, casting rainbows onto the yellow plaster above the dark wood paneling. Sunshine was rare in November. This was a beautiful room and even the heavy blackout curtains, now drawn back to let in the light, could not make it gloomy today. Ev sighed. Living in this big house in a city like St. John's could have been a adventure. Instead, it seemed more like a trial. "
                                                                                                                                        Catch Me Once, Catch Me Twice

McCallum house

Ev's grandparent's house in Catch Me Once, Catch Me Twice is located on Military Road, right beside Bannerman Park. There is no house exactly like the one I imagined on Military Road. This is a picture of a nearby house that matches the exterior layout of the house in Catch Me Once.

I have no idea what this house really looks like inside. The house I imagined has a central doorway, with a central staircase. The dining room would be on the left side of this photo and the parlour would be on the right. Ev and her mother would have the two bedrooms on the top floor. Ev's window would be on the left, and her mother's room is across the hall. Her grandparent's bedroom window would be the one partly covered by the tree. 

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