The Raintree Rebellion

The Story

Blake Raintree is now eighteen. She has found a family, but it still haunted by the technocaust of her early childhood, which tore her from her parents and set her adrift in the world as a homeless child.  Blake's adoptive mother, Erica, is chosen to go to Toronto to serve on a Justice Council charged with trying to put the ghost of the technocaust to rest. Blake accompanies Erica as her aide. Everyone assumes that Blake shares Erica's willingness to forgive, but Blake secretly wishes she could punish those who ruined her life.

While in Toronto, Blake submits the ID code from the microchip in her arm to the government, to see if she can find out more about her past.  What she discovers will cause her to question everything she thought she knew about herself.

The Raintree Rebellion  
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The Raintree Rebellion, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd., ISBN 0--00-639542-2, $15.99 trade paper back, 245 pages,
5 1/2 x 8 1/2

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