Plate Tectonics

"The earth spread before me like the cloths of heaven and I dream in geological time. I see a single, great land mass on the planet, a flat, bland, featureless desert. The globe of the earth is transparent. through seas that shine like clear blue ice, I see the huge plates the landmass rides upon, and below even that, the molten red rock that floats them. As I watch, the plates break apart and come together again. sometimes there is one great continent, sometimes many small ones. Sometimes most of the land lies beneath the sea. Huge mountain ranges rise where plates fold into one another; volcanic chains spill out of the sea where the plates pull apart. Heaving waves of land flow like water in a great, monstrous dance, each figure taking millions of years."
The Secret Under My Skin, p.149.

The continents of the earth are always rearranging themselves. This happens in geological time, over hundreds of thousands of years, so people hardly notice. Earthquakes are one indication that the plates of the earth are moving which we do notice. To learn more about how this happens, you can visit the US Geological Survey's Plate Tectonics Home Page .

To understand how the continents have moved from 620 million years ago to the present visit the PALEOMAP Project's  Earth History Page .

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