What Reviewers Say About The Secret Under My Skin

American Publications

"Blay is a vividly rendered narrator who exposes her own emotional vulnerability, which enhances her heroism. The setting and culture of the book are equally vividly rendered, offering a depth that allows readers to believe fully in its premise. The writing is clear and crisp, evoking a magic that enchants. All of these elements make this one of the top science fiction novels in recent years."
   --Tasha Saecker, School Library Journal, *Starred Review*

"McNaughton never talks down to her audience as she reveals a detailed, richly imagined dystopian future with its roots in the social and environmental problems of the present day, mixing several disciplines of science and an appreciation of poetry in a character-driven, believable novel."
--Timothy Capehart, The Horn Book.

"Readers of dystopic fiction will find this novel's optimistic vision of social and personal recovery both refreshing and intriguing."
--Bulletin fo the Centre for Children's Books, Recommended.

Canadian Publications

"The ideas in this book are intriguing but what really makes it work is the quality of the writing. McNaughton has a clear, strong, subtle style."
                                                                --Sarah Ellis, Quill & Quire

In The Secret Under My Skin, McNaughton has created a world as richly detailed and fascinating as her historical fiction--and even more thought-provoking. With its striking combination of social commentary, natural history, science and poetry, Blay's story unfolds naturally, lingering with the reader.
                                                                --Margaret Poole, The Halifax Herald

A futuristic novel may seem like a departure for Janet McNaughton, best known for her award-winning historical fiction, but throughout the story she demonstrates how the future is intrinsically linked with the past. Blay learns that what we call history depends a great deal on who is relating it, and as she uncovers clues about her true identity, her dreams for the future and feelings of self-worth grow."
                                                                --Hadley Dyer, Children's Book News

"The Secret Under My Skin is another absorbing and riveting novel by award-winning author, Janet McNaughton. McNaughton skilfully combines mystery, suspense, and a bit of romance along with strong characters and rich language to make her latest work a powerful book that is very difficult to put down. The Secret Under My Skin is highly recommend for both public and school libraries."
                                                                --Holly Nguyen, Resource Links

"McNaughton writes of natural, amazing phenomena with clarity and intensity, creating the vividness and fascination of dreams. This is an exciting and unusual novel, in both its conceits and execution."
                                                                --Deirdre Baker, The Toronto Star

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