The Secret Under My Skin

The Story

Blay Raytee has no family, no birthday, no proper name, and almost no memories. Her home is in a "model social welfare project" in the island prefecture of Terra Nova where she mines an old landfill for reusable material. But Blay's world changes forever when she is chosen to help a powerful young bio-indicator. This new life sets Blay on a path of discovery that reveals the secrets of her past, giving her a future and a sense of her own worth.

The 24th century I've created in The Secret Under My Skin is not the future we must have, but it is the future we might have if we aren't careful. I wrote this book to help readers begin to think about what sort of world we will create for our children and grandchildren if nothing changes.

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The Secret Under My Skin, HarperCollins Publishers Ltd., ISBN 0-00648522-7, $14.95 trade paper back, 224 pages,
5 1/2 x 8 1/2

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